Getting Started in Hydroponic Gardening

Hello Everyone – Jamie here from Roots Hydro-Organics

Craig and I have been busy getting the store up and running over the past few months (and he became a first time father!) and I have not had time to start my blog.  So here it goes!

I am in the process of starting my first hydroponic garden system.  I will be utilizing a small 6 gallon five plant site system that should be simple to get up and running based on my limited knowledge of hydroponic gardening.  The upside for me is that my business partner Craig had vast experience with a variety of hydroponic and organic dirt systems so I can always ask for his advice if I run into big issues.  My goal, however, is document my experience and give you the reader an idea of what it takes to get started.  My blog will include the types of products you can use, what the costs are and the amount of time you should expect to spend.  My next post will be related to starting the seeds to plant in my new hydroponic garden complete with pictures!  See you next time –